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Technopal Software Developer and Consultancy is a software development firm whose expertise are creating customize business application software that being used in schools, pawnshop, lendings church, hospital, sales and inventory system to name a few. Technopal is also a Certified HIKVISION CCTV Installer/Distributor and a WiFi provider.

It was established on September 26, 2006 in Bacolod City, owned and managed by Mr. Richard G. Chan.

Among its well-known clients are the following:

Up-to-date, these clients are still trusting Technopal ever since they started the automation of their businesses. In fact these clients have been trusting Technopal Software way before the company was formalized as a legal business entity.

World Class

World Class Software Development
and Consultancy.


Technopal uses its own framework in developing a system. Thus ensures control to every part of the code it builds.

Support and Updates

24/7 Support to all its clients and free updates to make sure client are using up-to-date software.


The system is portable enough that it can be utilized as an attendance checking mechanism for other school activities wherever the venue may be. Parents can also check if their student has already entered or left the campus via an online facility which they can access on home or thru thier mobile devices

How does it work?

Step 1 :

Student scan thier IDs upon entering and exiting the campus using unique RFID equipped adhesive strip attached to thier existing IDs. No need to change or modify thier existing ID's.

Step 2 :

The system then captured the image of the students as they scan their IDs for immediate comparison and effective identification.

Step 3 :

All interaction of the student in the Facekeeper is immdiately sent as a notification to their parents or gurdians.

The best tool to manage school information with the use of the following feature & technology:

Online     SMS     Biometrics

360° Signal Coverage.

High speed, high user volume
WiFi connection.

Up to 1 kilometer signal range.

Website Development

Unique website design that fit for your business.


Low cost Short Messaging System(SMS) broadcasting.


Digital scanning using up-to-date designs and technology.

Social Network Management

(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Smarter way to manage multiple social media profiles and networks.

Long Term Event Management

Managing event in an intelligent way.

System Consultancy

Free advice for all software and hardware needs in your business.

Software Development

Customized business software at no cost.


Our well-known clients who experience our services.